7 Tips For Startups

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You’re probably learning very quickly that starting a business is no easy feat. There is so much to consider, and so much is riding on you getting it right. There will be failure along the way, but when you know a few simple tips to keep these to a minimum, you are less likely to become frustrated and throw in the towel.

One thing you’re probably used to is doing it all yourself. In the early days of a business, you simply cannot afford to pay a team of employees, so you find yourself dealing with everything. But as you grow, you’ll be able to let go of some of these roles and focus on growing even bigger. One role you should probably give up before any other: marketing. Think about it – what’s your marketing background? While you might think, “But I am passionate about this business, which means I can sell it better than anyone else,” you’re probably wrong.

What An Expert Can Do For You

Someone who has a solid background in marketing knows what works and what doesn’t. You’ll probably figure all of this out after trial and error, but you want to minimize the errors to make your business as profitable as possible. Give this job to the pros so you can focus on all of the other equally important operational aspects of your business! That’s why choosing Blazer Exhibits makes total sense when it comes to designing your custom exhibit – we know what it takes to get noticed in a sea of trade show booths! Here’s a handy list of tips on marketing your business:

Strong start. How do you ensure your business has a solid start? By devising a marketing plan from day one, no matter if you hire an outside agency, in-house marketing team, or you’re flying solo. You need to find a focus, whether on your brand as a whole, or the products that you offer, so that you can hit the ground running. An effective campaign from day one builds brand awareness to a point where people have heard of you before you’ve even opened your doors for the first time. The key to a great marketing plan in the beginning is consistency, so be sure these early efforts stay that way to avoid annoying potential future customers. If you have a smooth, consistent campaign, it will be better received than the campaign that’s all over the place, loud and obnoxious.

Push what you do best. In keeping with the consistent message idea, decide which product(s) you offer that are superior to others like it on the market today. Focus on these items, as that’s what consumers are looking for. You can find a multitude of running shoe companies out there, so convince people why yours are the best. You can focus on your other running apparel and items related to your business, but since the running shoes are your bread and butter, let the public know this. The running shoes will pull them in, leading them to buy your other products in the future.

Always push to innovate. Do you do something in a way that no one else has ever tried before? Then you need to hit social media, your blog, your website, and submit press releases to spread the news. While there are those that love traditional ways, they’ll always take note of that business that is trying something new and receiving positive results! Don’t let these moments go unnoticed by those who will be impressed and convinced to give your company a try. The innovators are where it’s at!

Speaking of press releases… It’s great that you release these press releases filled with information to please investors, stakeholders, those in the field, and journalists. But what about all of the average Joes who will be purchasing your product? Don’t forget to include content on your blog or website that appeals to the normal, everyday consumer. Publish some articles in an easy-to-understand language that is interesting to read and appeals to the average person.

Don’t go media crazy. You should be compiling a list of people to release stories of interest to – journalists, influential bloggers, notable people within your industry – but that doesn’t mean you should be submitting to all of them. Be certain that those you are contacting on a consistent basis are reaching readers that actually care about what your business is doing. Always value quality over quantity.

Think local. Sometimes, in your quest to become a huge, successful business, you can overlook the most important place: your own community. Sure, it’s great to go global, and you can get there eventually. Slow growth is better than no growth, just as it’s better than growing so fast you crash hard. Become involved in your community – sponsor events, donate to local charities, get into the schools to get kids excited about owning their own business one day – all of these efforts will get the power of your local community behind you. These actions will add a human quality to your business for those who aren’t local, which builds a level of trust you just can’t attain otherwise.

Don’t ignore the signs. No matter how great you think a marketing campaign is, if you aren’t seeing increased sales, it’s time to abandon ship and come up with an entirely new strategy. The same goes for your trade show booth – if you aren’t seeing a steady influx of new leads coming from these events, maybe it’s time to reconsider your booth design, and leave it in the hands of professionals like Blazer Exhibits.

How is your startup faring? Are your marketing efforts falling flat?

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