A Few Important Things To Remember When Designing Display Graphics

A Few Important Things To Remember When Designing Display Graphics Banner

Almost as important as the design and aesthetics of your actual trade show display, is the design of display graphics like banners and signage. These items are what will improve your ability to attract the attention of attendees from some distance. Then, once they approach your booth you can lure them in with a compelling exhibit display and stellar staffers.


Floor PlanThere are a number of things to remember about designing effective display graphics. First off, you should keep in mind a simple color scheme which uses colors that are likely to draw the attention. You also want this color scheme to integrate nicely into your branding. So, if your brand logo uses the colors blue and yellow, you probably don’t want a bunch of display graphics and banners which are orange and pink.


Also, when designing effective display graphics you’ll want to make sure that you have a design which is both appealing to the eyes and also easily attracts the attention. This can be tough to do because a lot of times these two goals can clash in terms of the visual design of the display graphics. For example, a banner with a bunch of neon stars and exclamation points may initially draw the eye, but once someone’s vision actually settles on banners of this type they are likely to be repulsed and look away.


The best way to make effective visual graphics and banners is to use contrasting colors and simple designs. This way you can strike a good balance between attracting the eye out the corner of the peripheral vision and creating something that won’t immediately repulse it when it becomes centered in someone’s vision.


Also, don’t forget about the messaging on your banners. Design is great, but you want to send a message as well and that can be done much more effectively by adding an interesting statement, tagline or other copy. This is what will likely pique the curiosity of attendees. They may see the design initially and it will attract their attention, but what will lure them in is the messaging. Rhetorical questions are great for this: e.g. “Don’t you wish you had more time at home?” or “We’ll build it, won’t you play?”


When thinking about your trade show design, don’t neglect to put some time into your display graphics and speak with the experts here at Blazer Exhibits & Events to get more information and ideas.

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