Adjusting your working environment to current standards

Adjusting your working environment to current standards Banner

There is no doubt that today’s working environments have a new set of challenges to overcome. Finding a starting block to set your footing may be a hurdle as well. Blazer Exhibits can tailor solutions that are temporary, portable, or permanent based on your current needs.

Over 35 years of industry experience

Blazer Exhibits and Events has been building custom environments for over 35 years. Making your office interior functional with customized meeting rooms, lobbies, EBC rooms are just a few of the many things our builders and service professionals do exceptionally well.

Blazer not only builds and creates these larger engaging environments but also offers secondary structures and items that full daily use needs. Safety guards, isolations barriers that are permanent or portable in a variety of sizes. This flexibility will allow your team to adapt and succeed without extensive and time-consuming research. Let our service and sales professionals find the right items for your immediate needs.

Example of a working environment that meets the current standards effectively.

Creating practical environment solutions

Quick and solid solutions for partitions, guards, and isolation do not have to be complicated or completely custom built. Modular components allow for sturdy and flexible barriers of all sizes to be tailored to your needs. Blazer Exhibits builds solutions for all sizes and operations from warehouse oriented to corporate and professional settings.

Functional Graphics and signage

Graphics for all types of surfaces can help keep visitors and staff informed. Options that include dispensers for textiles and other PPE does not have to be ordinary. Hands-free sanitizer dispensers with accompanying messaging, distancing floor and seat graphics, are just some of the helpful solutions we can customize and deliver to your facility.

Bulk order solutions for your teams and staff

Blazer Exhibits and Events has the capabilities to find working solutions for just about any environment. This includes settings such as lecture rooms, schools, presentation areas, and other higher volume locations. Making your environment as safe as possible for your employees and staff peace of mind.

We can provide portable and permanent isolation guards of all kinds to meet just about any need. Masks, sneeze, guards, curbside pickup solutions are just the beginning. From the service industry to any tech or office we can help make your facility safer for everyone.

Taking charge of todays climate in the office when it comes to personal and staff safety does not have to be difficult. Contact Blazer Exhibits and Events through one of our many social media avenues or through our website to have one of our executives reach out to you with your questions. You can also take a look at some of our office solutions within our PDF catalog below.

Download our new catalog for PPE, safety structures, barriers, and graphic solutions for your business today

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