Cat Expo Features Adoptable Felines

Cat Expo Features Adoptable Felines Banner

Continuing our semi-regular blog entries on non-traditional trade shows, we have an interesting new expo which has caught our attention for its unique nature. That would be the Cat Expo in New Jersey which is currently enjoying its 77th (!) annual occurrence. If cats are your thing, then you might want to check out this expo because it features hundreds of trade show booths all stocked with adoptable kittens. Yes, you won’t find a better selection of cats anywhere else.

This definitely ranks among some of the more unique trade show ideas. In fact, the expo is billed as the largest cat show in the country. With more than 3,000 attendees we can see how this could certainly be the case. Trade show booths as far as the eye can see and hundreds of purring, meowing feline staffers welcomed guests to the trade show which was held in the Garden State Exhibit Center.

Some of these cats even took part in a type of beauty pageant called ‘shelter stars’. In this competition the cats were graded on a number of different features. The best in show being the winner. Many attendees looked on, no doubt several of them themselves thinking that this was one of the oddest trade show ideas.

However, the $10 tickets at least went to a good cause which was to raise money for local shelters and disaster relief. The Cat Expo no doubt also helped spur the adoption of hundreds of cats and kittens as attendees browsed the trade show booths on the show floor.

If exhibition design wasn’t the star of the show, it’s because the focus was simply on getting as many cats adopted as possible and making sure that most of these felines had a home after the trade show. The dozens of trade show booths featured some of the cutest and most interesting felines all available to be taken home for a small fee. And who would argue that the world doesn’t need more cats?

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