How to Create a Tradeshow Event

How to Create a Tradeshow Event Banner

Most of the time on this blog, we talk about how to set up a tradeshow exhibit booth or trade show display for those attending shows. But, what if you want to step onto the other side of the tradeshow track? What if you have a great idea for a show, and you want to draw people to your event? How do you set it all up? Here are some of our tips!

1. Make it unique. Forget about the traditional warehouse storage space. Try something completely unusual, like a tent village that takes place outside, or an event that takes place in a park – you get the idea, make it original because people are tired of the warehouse scene.

2. Make it invite only. You may be thinking, “but, wait, if I make it invite only, I won’t get as many people to come.” Well, that’s true. What’s also true is that you can match attendees with the type of show that you’re setting up better. If you are creating a tech show, for example, match attendees with those that are setting up booths by sending out personalized invites.

3. Set some rules. Tell the people that are going to attend your show and set up booths that they can’t be overly aggressive when it comes to sales tactics. If you set the mood for a show, the people that attend will go with the flow.

4. Treat your guests right. The people that pay money to set up a booth at your show should be treated like your guests. Provide these people with food, water, and other benefits. It also helps to work out some kind of accommodation discount with a local hotel, or help people that will attend with transportation discounts.

5. Hire a coordinator. Hiring someone that can easily handle phone calls, requests, and emails is a wise idea. Sure, you can do these things, but do you have the time? And, more importantly, can you do these things as well as someone else? It doesn’t hurt to hire talent – it hurts not to hire the right talent!

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6. Make it inviting. Have you ever walked into a tradeshow only to find fluorescent lights and empty space? I’m betting that you didn’t feel all that comfortable in the space, right? Make your event different. Create a space that feels inviting, warm, and welcomes the people that will be setting up booths and spending money.

7. Learn from your mistakes. This is a theme that we repeat on our blog over and over again, because learning from your mistakes is invaluable. Take note of what went wrong, what went right, and what you could do better next time. You’ll find that it’s useful to learn from your mistakes whenever it’s possible.

How Blazer Can Help

Tradeshow exhibit booths and displays are not just for those people setting them up. If you are hosting an event, you can set up a trade show display that invites people in, looks great, and shows attendees what your event is all about. We can place your show’s logo on any booth or banner, and we can set up a really great interactive display that will help show participants navigate the scene. There are so many different ways that we can help you create the best show your industry has ever seen – just ask!

We have an experienced and professional design team that can take you through the entire setup process, speak with you about your expectations and ideas, and make it all happen. Once you have your trade show display and materials set up, you can pick the venue, figure out who you’re going to invite, and show people that your event is going to be the event of the season.

Have you attended a great show lately? Let us know what the details looked like!

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