Expo Spotlight: AmCon

Expo Spotlight: AmCon Banner

When you are an engineer or buyer in the manufacturing industry, it can be difficult to find suppliers in the most cost-effective way possible. Sure, you could hit the internet and search the top companies, traveling all over the nation in search of the best deal, but then are you getting a great deal? You’re shelling out cash to get to and from each supplier home office. If only there were a way to see them all under the same roof. Oh, wait – there is!

Head to AmCon, a trade show that showcases trade show booths of suppliers in a wide array of industries, traveling the country so that you don’t have to go far to meet with the companies that have what you’re looking for! The show’s next stop is October 7th and 8th in Dallas, TX, and then they’ll be moving on to Salt Lake City, UT on October 22nd and 23rd.

What’s There

If it’s manufacturing, it’s probably there at AmCon. Everything from custom plastic rubber parts, rubber molding, silk screening, 3D printing, ceramic parts, castings and castings die, fabricating (aluminum, sheet metal, stainless steel, and steel), software solutions, tube bending fabricating, and many more are on display for you to peruse. If you want to build it, the technology to help is here at the show!

We’ll bet your competition will be wandering the trade show exhibits in search of their manufacturing solution. Don’t miss out and waste money doing it the hard way! Companies like Lockheed & Martin know that this is the place to come to see the latest innovations that could help their ideas become reality. In fact, AmCon’s website claims that 93% of show attendees are in fact top level purchasing, production, and engineering managers looking to purchase contract manufacturing and job shop services.

You’ll find booths for big names like United Technologies, 3M, Alliant Tech Systems, Dell, Kenworth Truck, Harris Corps, Smiths Medical, Toyota, Raytheon, General Electric, Black & Decker, Microsoft, and hundreds more. These trade show exhibits represent just about any industry imaginable, all under one roof. A one-stop engineering and technology shop!

It’s more than just trade show booths. Attendees have the opportunity to attend free seminars covering a wide range of topic in the realm of technology, aspects of the manufacturing process, and supplier negotiations to name a few.

What to Do

Besides wandering the show floor, you can register for any of AmCon’s seminars free of charge. Check out “Fourslide: High Precision, Low Cost Slide Forming” put on by Northwest Fourslide Inc., showing you the value of this slide forming technology. You’ll see what happens during the process, and why it is advantageous.

For a more broad topic, register for “Government Contracting for Manufacturing Companies” offered by SBA Programs. Contracting with the government can be a tricky area – there is so much competition, and for those who have never considered it, it can seem to be a daunting task. It will show you why government contracting is a great idea, and how to get the deal done no matter if you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro.

Others might be interested in “Innovation: How to Increase Your Market Share and Enter New Markets” by TMAC. This seminar will help your company remain on the top of its game, constantly innovating and striving to be the very best. Really, a must-see seminar!

If you’re looking to meet with hundreds of companies at their trade show exhibit that can help your manufacturing business succeed and evolve, you can’t miss the trade show exhibits at AmCon. You’ll find great value in the show beyond the contacts you’ll make – you’ll see some of the newest and most innovative new technologies and processes you may not have yet heard about. The free seminars are like the icing on the cake!

Head to the AmCon website for information about the Dallas show, and see the list of upcoming shows to check when it will be in an area near you.

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