How to Find Your Target Market

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It’s not unusual to come across a new business that hasn’t defined an exact market. While it’s not the best way to go about creating a business model, it happens frequently. If you are in this boat, there’s no need to panic. You can find your target market easily enough; it just takes a bit of thought and some detective work. Once you do find that market, it will be simpler to create tradeshow booth displays to directly target those people you are hoping to draw in.

Steps to Finding Your Market

1. Spend some time lost in thought. You know what your product is, you know how to sell it, and you know why it works. Now, think about who might be able to use your product. Are you targeting moms, other businesses, teenagers, or some other group? Start with this general idea, and then think about how you can narrow down that group a bit more.

2. Add some specifics. Let’s use the business group as an example. If you know that you want to target other businesses, think about what those businesses are selling. Are you looking at businesses that sell a specific product or service? Maybe business owners that own a certain kind of shop? Brainstorm these ideas by writing down your thoughts on a piece of paper (you can draw the old school spider-web type map to really work it all out).

3. Gear your site and campaigns towards the group you decided on. Working with content developers and site designers, create a marketing plan that directly targets the group of people you have in mind. If you find that people are reacting to your new plan and signing up for your product or service, you’ve found your market. If there’s no reaction, you may need to adjust your market slightly.

4. Create the right type of trade show booth. At Blazer, we can help you customize any trade show booth or exhibit to reach the exact audience that you are seeking. By using the right words, font, colors, and other design bits, your exact market will be lured to your new booth. But, before you can do any of that, you do have to know who you are targeting, so make sure to follow the steps above.

Why Bother Finding Your Market

Some argue that finding a target market isn’t the only way to sell something. In some very rare cases, businesses have been able to successfully sell a product or service without defining a market, but this isn’t the norm. Instead, most new startups that do not define a market wind up without a clear marketing plan, and this can wind up in disaster. Now that you have a product or service, think about who might buy it. After all, without someone to buy what you’re selling, you won’t make any money – simple, right?

Customizing Your Booths

If you aren’t sure what your market would like to see as part of a tradeshow booth design, don’t worry! It’s our job to make sure that your tradeshow exhibit works perfectly. Call us today to sit down with one of our experts, work with us to create a design that targets your market exactly, and have the confidence that any tradeshow you attend will be populated with people that are directly drawn to what you’re selling.

We can customize any tradeshow displays that you like in any way that you have in mind. Plus, our designers will show you some creative ideas that work with what you want to sell. Since we’ve worked with all kinds of companies before, we know what your market wants to see – all you have to do is figure out what that market looks like. Let us handle the rest. If you’ve never been to a tradeshow before and need a new booth, give us a call.

We can also restore your old booths if you’ve been to too many tradeshows and need a new look! No matter what type of product or service you’re selling, we’ll help you attract the right kinds of clients. Call a representative at Blazer today, and let us know how we can help you!


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