How To Get Noticed In The Context Of Marketing Saturation

How To Get Noticed In The Context Of Marketing Saturation Banner

One of the biggest advantages of a trade show is also the biggest challenge of exhibiting: getting noticed. The reason that so many business choose to spend their time and money to exhibit at trade shows is because it is a great way to get noticed by those within your industry, as well as your customer base and the general public. But, the problem is that many larger expos present an interesting conundrum. If everyone is trying to be noticed at the same time, it is that much harder for any one of them to succeed.

LeadsIn other words, many trade shows can present an interesting situation. This situation has been labelled ‘marketing saturation’. In other words, when there are so many companies in such close proximity vying for attention, the area becomes absolutely saturated with marketing ploys. This makes it difficult to stand out from all of the rest of the crowd.

So, how do you combat this marketing saturation and rise above the noise to capture your piece of the limelight? Well, there are ways to do that through effective exhibit design. For instance, in a situation where you are trying to attract attendees to your display stands, but are faced with hundreds or thousands of similar booths all with bright lights, noise and scantily-clad ‘booth babes’. You might try an opposite tactic.

You could create a custom exhibit which is designed to be an oasis away from the brightness and chaos of the regular floor. This could take the form of a comfy lounge with lowered lights and friendly staffers passing out refreshments and offering a seat on a cushy chair.

You could also decide that you want to focus your efforts away from your display stands and instead put all of your energy into getting a speaking role where you can showcase your knowledge and the achievements of your company in front of hundreds.

There are all kinds of ways that you can stand out by taking the road less travelled. If you are preparing to exhibit in a situation like this, make sure to get in touch with one of our representatives here at Blazer Exhibits & Events so that we can discuss how a custom exhibit or other display stands might be created specifically to meet your needs.

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