Graphics Tip – Content Positioning

Graphics Tip – Content Positioning Banner

Content PositioningThinking about all the structural elements of your exhibit property will save you time, money, and headaches in the future. Many times with reconfigurable exhibits and modular properties, it can be easy to overlook all the options your properties have in different configurations with accessories. These simple items can quickly eat away at your visual area your critical content needs to be created in.

Some things to consider:

what is in front of the structure or near the parameter? Monitors or displays, shelving, possibly a banner stand, podium, or even a table?  The last thing you want is your graphic designers to put critical content in these obscured areas!

Will this same message be in a different configuration at your next event?

Ideally  all your elements should  be placed in a mock-up or 3d rendering for all configurations so you truly understand your canvas as an exhibitor, and give your graphics team the information they need to be prepared.

You would be surprised how often non exhibit house designers forget to take these items into consideration, and when the exhibit has been assembled there is important content being obscured and someone has to answer!


With a little long term thinking you can make your trade show exhibit graphics last throughout your exhibit’s reconfigurations, and get your message across without interference from structural components.

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