Why You Should Help Your Exhibitors

Why You Should Help Your Exhibitors Banner

A lot of tradeshow organizers don’t feel like it’s their duty to train exhibitors. But, let me put it to you this way: if the people that show up to take part in your show don’t succeed, they won’t likely return. You can help those people succeed, too, by providing your exhibitors with a bit of education in the form of training. Here’s how to do it.

Think Like a Marketer

CC image courtesy of MDGovpics on Flickr
CC image courtesy of MDGovpics on Flickr

It’s not enough to hand someone the tools, and say, “go for it!” You have to train those people to use your tools. This is why content marketing plans involve complete how-to guides; manuals with questions and answers, and e-books that make things simpler. It’s why companies like Hubspot drive people nuts with endless educational and informative emails. It’s why you need to help your exhibitors succeed at your tradeshow.

How to Help

You’ll want to plan a training session at least three months in advance of the event. Show people what your venue will look like, what they can expect, and bring in experts to run down key sales moves; ways to sell; how to build a team; and all of those things that will help your exhibitors do well at your show. Your event should also show off how well you can plan things, and what you’re willing to do for your exhibitors.

You’re In the Spotlight

A pre-game (let’s call it that) training session for exhibitors also demonstrates how well you plan to take care of those people that are paying to attend your show. Let them see that you care, that you can plan something without a hitch, and that you’ve got it together. Let them see how you can set up an event, what you will do if something goes wrong, and how you can help them succeed. Match your exhibitors with hotels and transportation companies along the way, so that they feel comfortable finding accommodations or making travel plans. And, most importantly, make the training program affordable or free (included in ticket price) for all exhibitors.

No Budget for In-Person Training? That’s Okay!

You can help train your exhibitors by using social media, sending out downloadable e-books and guides, and putting educational materials right in front of the people that need it the most. It’s not always feasible to do in-person training, but it’s a really good idea to provide some type of education for your exhibitors. Make sure that everyone planning to attend your show is following you on social media sites, show people what you plan to do, and let them know that you can help. When it comes time for the show, make sure to set up a help booth just in case someone needs an extra tip or two – this will go a long way.

Designing Your Venue

Design is a major part of any venue space. Your exhibitors aren’t the only ones that should have a great booth and display set up. If you are going to do in-person training, make sure that you have a design that’s ready to capture attention. If you’re not doing in-person training, make sure that your whole setup is ready to roll when the big day comes – you can’t just offer up an empty hall or warehouse!

Blazer Exhibits can help you with your tradeshow booth displays and event design. From banners to interactive displays, we can make sure that your whole setup shines. Our design team will create an event space like none other, and you can show exhibitors how tradeshow booth displays are done. You can also refer them to us if they are looking for a design or exhibit booth for your upcoming show – it’s all part of the helping plan. Some new exhibitors may not know where to go or how to get a display completed, and Blazer is more than willing to help out. Call us today for tradeshow booth displays pricing, exhibit booth samples, and options. And, remember – it pays to educate your exhibitors!

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