Hubspot Lessons: How to Train Your Client

Hubspot Lessons: How to Train Your Client Banner

Every day, I receive an email or two from Hubspot. Those emails are full of training guides, eBooks, and general tips – all the stuff that makes a good newsletter. Hubspot is great at providing people with information that they want to read about, but this company does something else with excellence too: they know how to train their client.

Providing Useful Guides

When it comes to your online content, there are a few really good tips that you can take away from what Hubspot does:

1. Show your clients what they need to know in order to use your services better.

2. Give them something to be interested in and believe it – a reason to sign up for additional services or increase membership.

3. Tell your clients what you want them to do by offering helpful tips and bits of advice.

All of these things go into the making of a great website and newsletter, but you can also train your trade show clients.

Taming the Trade Show Client

Trade show booths aren’t just about design and size (though those things do help). Trade show booths are really there to guide visitors. Some things to think about when creating trade show booths include:

– What do you want your visitors to know about your company?

– How can you show or teach those things?

– What visuals can you use to guide your clients?

– What is your main goal and purpose?

Start by defining the goal of your booth display. What do you want to achieve by attending a trade show? Then, make your booth display match that goal by leading clients to a specific goal. Some goals to think about include:

– Getting emails or business cards

– Selling products on the spot

– Bringing awareness to your brand

As you work with each one of these goals, you will see that your booth display can easily match what you are hoping to gain from attending a show – and more often than not, that one main thing isn’t really to sell your products or services. Most of the time, it’s simply to let people know that you exist, and to get people to give you some kind of contact information.

How Blazer Can Help

Blazer creates tradeshow booth displays, but we do so much more too. We work with you and your team to really develop tradeshow booth displays that match your overall goal and purpose for attending a show. We can also help you define that purpose, and bring you the tools to make sure that your goal is achieved – whether that’s through an interactive element or something else.

Trade show booths should have a purpose beyond ink and print. These displays are there to help you guide your clients, and to, ultimately, train them to do what you have set out to accomplish. Defining your goals is a good way to begin, and working with a team of expert display designers is the only way to get where you want to go.

We’re more than just tradeshow booth displays – call us or find us on Facebook to see what we can do for you. We can also help you with the setup or takedown of any booth, and with storage and maintenance of existing booths. Also, feel free to leave a question here on this blog – we’ll get back to you shortly.

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