Interactive Trade Show Display Ideas: Engaging Your Audience

Interactive Trade Show Display Ideas: Engaging Your Audience Banner

Did you know that 74%1 of trade show attendees say engaging with exhibitors increases the likelihood that they will become a customer? That means exhibitors need to find ways to engage their visitors. These days, it’s simply not enough to hand trade show attendees some literature and deliver a rehearsed sales pitch. Truly engaging with attendees requires interacting with them. 

Engagement is what makes an experience memorable. This is exactly what will keep your brand top-of-mind for months after the trade show has ended. Achieving this level of engagement in the modern age requires meeting audience expectations by adding interactive features to your booth. To help you engage with your trade show attendees, here are some interactive trade show display ideas that will make your booth stand out from the pack.


Games are fun. Whether a simple game of corn hole or a digital Jeopardy wall, people will remember having fun. Ensuring your brand is associated with positive feelings creates stronger memories that will last longer. A simple example is using branded cornhole boards and giving out swag as prizes. These type of games can be very budget-friendly

Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented reality can help differentiate your brand. For example, attendees can upload a photo and use augmented reality to view how different eye shadow or lipstick colors would look with their skin tone. AR personalizes the experience, and visitors can leave the booth with a list of products that work for them. 

Virtual Reality (VR)

Let visitors interact with your product or service virtually. If you’re selling sports equipment, have attendees use a golf club or tennis racket as you explain the key features. Incorporate a VR area in your booth, making sure it is tucked away from the main traffic areas. Remember, VR experiences can be disorienting.

Interactive Product Showcases

If your product involves any of the five senses, encourage attendees to touch, taste, or smell your displayed items. For example, let attendees use noise-cancelling headphones to hear how well they work. Your visitors will thank you for the rare moment of silence in the crowded exhibit hall.

Social Media Walls

Social media marketing helps companies get the word out about their products and services. It lets followers know when you’re attending an event. Social media walls are an extension of that marketing concept. They are a way to keep attendees informed on what’s happening at your booth throughout the conference. Just create a hashtag and then have people upload content for display. It’s a great way to generate buzz while showcasing your brand.

Interactive Demonstrations and Workshops

Create a step-by-step flow of how to use a product or product feature that can be shared in your booth and online. Suppose you’ve added asset management capabilities to your software. Building a demo that gives viewers control lets them absorb the information at their own pace. Companies sometimes use workshops to educate potential clients on product concepts, such as setting up a general ledger in an accounting software package.

Data-Driven Interactivity

Companies should collect data on customers at every touchpoint in their journey. They can use that data to customize interactions and deliver personalized messaging. The more individualized the interaction, the more positive the experience.

Interactive Photo Booths

Photo booths with branded backdrops and fun props attract people, but they also commemorate the experience with an image of your brand in the background. Use props that reflect the venue location or the conference theme. These images can be automatically uploaded for display on a social media wall or a website. 

Contests and Giveaways

Have visitors to your booth guess how many jellybeans are in a jar. Ask them to write their guess on their business cards.  The winner receives a prize. Contests like these are simple ways to gain sales leads while also engaging with the customer. Carnival-style games, such as ring tosses, are another option for attracting attendees to your booth.

Interactive Touchscreen Displays

Touchscreens allow users to control their own experience at a booth. They can view product lines and explore items of interest. As attendees move through the displays, alerts can notify booth staff when they have reached certain points that could benefit from in-person conversations. 

Trade Show Display Ideas

Attracting booth visitors is always a challenge at trade shows. Especially when the event has hundreds of exhibitors. Interactive trade show display ideas such as AR and VR leverage new technology to deliver a unique and memorable experience. Non-technical ideas such as ring tosses and cornhole can provide similarly engaging experiences. However, engagement begins with drawing in attendees, and that requires a well-designed booth.

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