How To Keep And Maintain Your Trade Show Exhibit

How To Keep And Maintain Your Trade Show Exhibit Banner

Making a decision about what trade show exhibit to purchase is tough in and of itself. You need to figure out which designs to go with, what amenities and features you really need and then work it all out into a price point that makes sense and allows your trade show booth to add to your bottom line, rather than detract from it.

Trade Show BoothBut, even after you have made the decision and purchased a trade show booth, you need to be able to decide how to staff your trade show exhibits and what kind of tactics to use to draw attention and facilitate engagement in order to achieve your goals for the next trade show. Marketing materials must be put together, a sales team put together, the pieces shipped and assembled and much much more.

Even after putting this all together and having a wildly successful showing at the show, however, you still need to be able to manage your trade show exhibits. That means storing them, maintaining them and keeping tabs on what may very well be one of your most significant physical investments.

Today, we’re going to discuss what happens after the show is over and how you can keep your trade show exhibits as good as new for many years past the date when you first purchased them.

Think About Your Trade Show Exhibit As An Investment

It’s easy to see trade show exhibits as just another tool that allows you to get what you need done. In this case, that is putting together a successful trade show to promote your company. But, although your trade show booth can be seen as a tool, it is also an important investment that your business makes and therefore it needs to be taken care of in order for you to maximize the return on your investment by getting as many years of good use out of it as possible.

Maintaining your trade show exhibits may seem like common sense, but it isn’t always. And once the significant work of planning and executing the actual exhibition at the show is over, there is often a tendency to want to throw everything into a dark corner somewhere where it is ‘out of sight and out of mind’ (both literally and figuratively)

But if you want to really maintain the significant investment in your trade show booth then you will want to resist this urge to push things out of mind and instead focus on doing everything you can to keep your exhibit in tip-top shape.

Maintenance Tips For Your Trade Show Exhibits

Putting the maintenance of your trade show exhibits as one of your top priorities is a smart idea if you want to extend and maximize the useful life of your trade show exhibit. Generally treating the materials and components of your trade show exhibits well is common sense, but here are a few more specific tips to make sure that you take good care of your trade show booth and materials.

  1. Take care when transporting – use carrying cases that are padded and protect important and delicate components from water damage, heat damage and other harm.

  1. Don’t just store anywhere – keeping your trade show booth components in a dark, climate-controlled area will ensure that components don’t rust, warp or degrade in any way. Making sure that the storage facility is not flooded with light, too humid or too dry will also ensure that colors don’t run or fade and that fabrics don’t mildew or rot.

  1. Keep things clean and tidy – Cleaning components after use should be an obvious need. Make sure to wipe down metal components with a fiber cloth and speak with your exhibit designer or vendor about care for other more sensitive components like fabrics.

  1. Don’t rush assembly and disassembly – This is why it is important to be prepared ahead of time when exhibiting. Rushing assembly or disassembly or having these important functions performed by inexperienced individuals greatly increases the chances that you will end up damaging your trade show booth.

Does This Sound Like Too Much Work? Consider Renting

A trade show exhibit is an investment and it requires some care and maintenance to keep it in working order for as long as possible. If you don’t think that you have the time or funds to maintain a trade show booth, consider renting instead. A rental booth can allow you to have more flexibility while also eliminating the need for maintenance and storage. Rental booths can also provide a better bang for your buck if you and your company exhibit only infrequently.

For more information on trade show exhibit maintenance or the advantages of a rental booth, contact us at Blazer Exhibits & Events.

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