Learning From Tradeshow Mistakes

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If you’re new to the tradeshow scene, you’ve probably been burned a few times at some shows. You may think that attending another show simply isn’t worth your time, but that’s a mistake. The truth is that the lessons you learn by attending numerous shows are invaluable.

Plus, making mistakes on the show floor is probably the best way to learn how to work the shows like a pro. After all, those guys selling tons of products didn’t start out that way! Remember that everyone starts somewhere, and take note of how to learn from these common mistakes.

1. Nobody showed up. You may have spent money on a custom display, put your best foot forward, and sent in you’re A-team. But, you didn’t sell a thing. What happened? More likely than not, you didn’t spend enough time marketing the show before you attended the event. Take a look through our marketing posts to see how to get the word out about your next show before you pay that booth fee.

2. People glanced but didn’t’ stop. Most of the time, this happens because you didn’t’ have an exhibit design that stood out, or your booth just wasn’t that enticing. The size of the average show booth has increased drastically over the past few years, and now it’s not uncommon to see booths with all kinds of bells and whistles.

3. Your team couldn’t sell. Once again, you probably didn’t put enough prep work into the event. Better luck next time!

4. The floor was empty and there weren’t that many attendees. What happened? You picked the wrong show to attend. In order for a show to have success, organizers have to market the show properly. If the show isn’t being marketed, it’s not your fault, but people won’t attend. Make sure you’re selective when choosing a show to attend.

5. You ran out of free stuff. This is a bit no-no. If you are going to give stuff away for free, make sure that you have extra.

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6. Your custom display was right next to the guy shooting off fireworks (or someone that had a large spectacle happening). Sometimes, this can work to your advantage by drawing people over to your corner of the floor. Other times, people will simply visit the booth next to yours and not stop by to see what your company is about. What can you do? Have a better display next time.

7. You picked the wrong side of the floor. There’s a reason why event halls charge more for different booth spots. Just like real estate, some spots are much better than others. Choose a place that you can afford, but also gets good traffic (and if you are going to pick a prime spot, make sure you invest the time and money into attracting clients).

8. People looked puzzled. Did you make your display too confusing? Maybe you set up a technology spread that just didn’t’ make sense. Or, you might have confused people by not offering enough marketing materials. Sometimes, you have to lead people in the direction that you want them to take in order to make an impact.

Your Custom Display Is A Start

If you didn’t use a custom exhibit design the first time around, it might be time to invest in a display from Blazer. We will work with you to create an exhibit design that stands out, reflects your company’s image and story, and works with the people that you attempt to attract at any show you plan to attend. Our team of professional designers will work with you to build what your clients want to see, and we will take into account the past experiences you have had with various shows. It can be hard to learn how to work a tradeshow, but once you get your foot in the door you’ll see that it’s all about learning. Whatever you do, don’t get discouraged, and make sure to give us a call for additional details about a custom display.

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