Look Up For That Extra Design Touch

Look Up For That Extra Design Touch Banner

Compelling exhibit design comes in many forms. There are all kinds of ways to draw people’s attention and bolster your brand image with a creative and appealing design for your booth. But, you may notice that many of the largest and most successful companies all seem to be employing one particular design aesthetic to great effect. And what design feature is that, you ask? Well, to find out you really only need to look up.

That’s right. The ceiling or overhead feature has become an incredibly popular piece of exhibit design. And for good reason. That’s because these overhead features can be very attractive and compelling and also are very good at drawing in attendees from afar because they are visible at a distance.

Overhead suspended features in your tradeshow display also help to create the feeling of a unique space that really draws people in. It’s a way to close the space and bring a cohesive experience that is defined by your exhibit structure on all sides.

The Ceiling Treatment Vs. The Overhead Feature

There are two main ways of employing an eye-catching and attractive overhead exhibit design feature. One option is to employ a full ceiling on your trade show exhibit which can allow you to completely cover your exhibit and even suspend lighting, monitors or other features from the ceiling. This provides the most cohesive experience and allows for a fully-enclosed exhibit where you can dictate every inch of the space and design it to best exemplify your brand and your goals for that particular expo.

Although a full ceiling provides an enclosed space and can be very attractive to attendees, it can also be more expensive than just suspending a smaller sign or other feature above the exhibit. The latter option allows you to create a beacon which can attract attention for a distance, but can be a bit more affordable and also easier to set up and break down than a full structure with roof and all.

Of course, these two options are definitely not the only ways to go when looking to bolster your exhibit design with some additional flair up above. Other ways to do this may be to run wires or beams across the top of supporting structures or side walls and suspend lights or other objects en masse from these. This may be the cheapest way to go with your tradeshow display and it still creates a feeling of a 3-dimensional space.

Interesting Spaces Draw Attendee Attention

It’s been demonstrated over and again that the most compelling tradeshow displays in a particular expo are those which provide not just a static display, but create a unique space within which attendees can wander and explore. Creating this kind of room for attendees not only provides your company with a greater degree of control over the exhibit, but also makes the overall structure more compelling and attractive to passersby.

This can lead to more traffic which then equates to more attention. But, if your exhibit design provides an interesting space it will not only draw more attention it will cause attendees to linger and explore which will inevitably lead to greater engagement with the exhibit itself. And engagement is, ultimately, what you’re after. Once attendees are engaged they are more receptive to the information and messaging that are on display at your exhibit.

Set The Stage, Or Make A Scene

Integrating an overhead exhibit design into your tradeshow display not only provides a more attractive exhibit overall, it also allows you to more easily cultivate an entire experience for attendees by crafting the space into something more emotional and visceral. That’s because overhead aesthetics are much more likely to create a feeling of comfort, or alternatively wonder and awe in attendees.

Overhead features allow you to really set the scene for your tradeshow display. This can be used to create more private space or the feeling of exclusivity that can bring additional intrigue to your exhibit. Done well, these features can provide you with the feeling of a truly separate and unique space as opposed to just another booth in a row.  Often overhead features are that aspect of the exhibit design that pushes the whole thing over the edge from interesting to awe-inspiring.

We encourage you to look around our website for design ideas or to contact a representative here at Blazer Exhibits & Events for more information about overhead features and their place in compelling exhibit design.

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