Modular Trade Show Booth Design Provides Versatility And Flexibility

If you are a frequent exhibitor, it can be a constant challenge to find a single exhibit booth which can provide the versatility to be workable in any exhibiting situation. A booth that may seem ideally suited to a particular show or space, may not work nearly as well at the next show. So, what is the best way to handle this situation?

Well, you could purchase multiple trade show booths. But, although that would solve the problem and allow you unparalleled flexibility, it can also get quite expensive. Though, if you aren’t willing to purchase multiple exhibits there is one great way to achieve that flexibility without breaking the bank.

The answer is modular trade show design. Modular design is one of the most cost-effective trade show booth ideas because it allows you to purchase an exhibit booth which can often times fit to many different applications and be used in varying situations and spaces.

What Is A Modular Trade Show Booth?

A modular exhibit booth is an exhibit which is composed of various individual parts which can be manipulated, changed or rearranged to different configurations. In this way a modular exhibit booth allows your booth to become a kind of transformer that can shift itself to best fit the space and environment provided by the show. This allows extra versatility which means that you can use your exhibit booth in different ways, changing it to meet constraints and even simply to provide a new and different design.

There are a variety of different kinds of modular trade show booths that range from booths which are composed of entirely separate and reconfigurable modules and those which just use various features from modular booths to create expandable or changeable configurations within a traditional exhibit booth format.

What Do Modular Trade Show Booths Offer?

Fully-modular exhibits offer the ability to reconfigure the entire booth and thus to fit the exhibit booth to the constraints of a particular space. This isn’t just a pragmatic feature, though. A modular exhibit can also be reconfigured just to provide new and interesting arrangements to keep your booth feeling fresh and interesting to attendees for many shows.

This means that modularity provides one of the most powerful trade show booth ideas not just because the booths themselves are more adaptable, but also because they offer nearly unlimited ways to subtly tweak and adjust the design and structure of the exhibit booth itself.

An additional benefit of modular trade show booths is that they tend to be much more portable than traditional booths. In fact, their weight tends to be nearly 60% less than traditional trade show booths which means that you not only increase adaptability and design options, but also save money in the long run on expensive shipping and drayage costs.

Modular booths offer a lot of bang for the buck and can provide a simple and versatile solution to the problem of finding a trade show booth which can provide what you need for any trade show or exhibiting situation. You can’t beat the versatility of fully-modular exhibits, but if you are looking to add just a little bit of convertible flair to an exhibit, you can also find booths with some modular features that can provide what you need.

Exhibit Booths With Convertible And Modular Features

Many exhibit designers and manufacturers are now starting to integrate some of the features of fully-modular exhibits into their other exhibit types. Although these exhibits don’t offer the full versatility of a modular booth with its nearly infinite reconfigurations, they do allow you to make small alterations to the design or structure of the booth in order to switch it up a bit.

For example, these booths may include aluminum truss systems which can be configured in a few different ways to make a back wall panel flat, curved or wavy. These display components are typically then covered by tension fabric pieces which display your company’s branding and logo.

The Advantages Of Modular Displays Are Clear

If you are considering purchasing a new trade show booth, or upgrading your current trade show set up and you desire versatility over all else, you should definitely look into a modular exhibit booth. Modular design has thoroughly revolutionized the capabilities of the trade show booth and has become one of the most powerful and popular trade show booth ideas.

In order to take advantage of this trend, it helps to speak with an expert with knowledge of the in’s and out’s of trade show booth design, especially modular design. That’s why our experts at Blazer Exhibits & Events are always willing to provide information and guidance to help you and your company make the best decision when it comes to choosing the exhibit that is the best fit for your needs, your budget and your goals.

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