Photography Tips For Your Next Trade Show Display

Photography Tips For Your Next Trade Show Display Banner

When setting up your trade show display, it is important that everything looks its best. From the materials that make up your exhibit, to your marketing brochures/pamphlets to your display graphics it is important that you have everything designed for maximum visual impact. When it comes to your graphics and print materials, this means that you need to make sure that eye-catching photography is a part of your trade show display.

But, what makes good promotional photography. Well, there is a lot that goes into making those product and marketing images look as appealing as possible and we couldn’t possibly cover it all here, but we can share a few basic tips to keep in mind when taking photos or speaking with a photographer that you have contracted about what you are looking for.

  1. Make sure you have adequate resolution – If you are going to be using display graphics that are large in size which is quite common at trade shows, you should make sure that your photos are of an adequate resolution. Resolution is the number of dots (or pixels) that make up the image. The higher the resolution, the sharper the image appears at larger sizes. It’s also important to make sure that your images are in a format that can be easily printed by a print shop. Typically RBG color will need to by converted to CMYK which can be done in most photo editing applications.

  2. Get creative with the camera – Photography is all about innuendo and implication. You want to hint at various ideas, so that they are subtle enough to be intriguing and attractive. Make sure that when you are photographing products that you pay attention to the lighting and the background as well as the focal piece. Getting creative will let your display graphics really shine.

  3. Make sure that you experiment with various looks – Try different angles, use different types of lighting and try photographing at different times of day (outdoor natural light is usually best for photography). Also, don’t be afraid to use a photo editing software to touch up some of your images, or even make them look radically different. The idea is to make something that will turn heads while well representing your brand. You want your display graphics to be as eye-catching as possible to attract attention to your trade show display.

Learning photography is something that takes a lot of instruction, experimentation and practice. So, if you’re after professional display graphics for your trade show display. You may want to hire a professional photographer rather than doing the job yourself.

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