Providing a Mobile Device Oasis at Your Booth

Providing a Mobile Device Oasis at Your Booth Banner

Both attendees and exhibitors can most likely all attest to the fact that internet access provided by convention centers for its guests is spotty at best. With everyone in attendance trying to look for deals on their smartphone, search their emails for coupon codes and special deals, using their GPS to find dining away from the venue, and Instagramming their photos with colleagues, the network can get overworked and cause it to run excruciatingly slow. Some even opt to suck it up and switch to data, figuring the charges will be worth it just to have the ability to check emails without waiting to connect for what can feel like two hours.

You can be the hero of the trade show – just set up an internet and electricity oasis of sorts where people can sit down, charge their devices, check their email on a faster Wi-Fi network, and take a load off. It offers attendees a convenience they’ll appreciate, and get you some exposure and more leads and sales! How can you pull this off, and do it right? Here are some tips.

Get Your Space, Make It Comfy

The first thing you should do is set aside a space big enough to fit some chairs and tables, bar counter tops, or desks. Plan out the space to accommodate as many people as will fit, or give them some elbow room and private areas to conduct business if they wish. Make sure the chairs are somewhat comfortable and work with the design and color scheme of your trade show booth and brand.

Be sure those surfaces feature some kind of pamphlet, business card, or even devices people can use if they desire. Get your logo anywhere you can. You can also provide snacks – popcorn, pretzels, a candy dish, etc – that they can munch on while they browse or charge.

The Battery Boost

It’s tough to make it through an entire day browsing trade show exhibits without draining your device’s battery, especially if you’re trying to keep in touch with the office or entering giveaways and signing up for mailing lists using your device. Providing a charging station is one essential component to a decent setup.

People might not have chargers on-hand, so you might think about bringing in a handful of charging cords for various styles of phones and tablets (iPhone 4S and above, Android, iPhone 5 and up, etc.) People who aren’t carrying their charging cord around with them will appreciate this, and the gesture just might have them remembering your company when it comes time to make a purchase. Be sure to affix a logo sticker to the chargers, and place your logo and company name prominently throughout the space where people who visit can see.

The Hotspot

This is something you should create that is secure – consider giving the password to those who sit down to use the service instead of offering it up unprotected. This gets them talking to you, a step closer to acquiring them as a potential lead!

Don’t skimp on the speed. You want something that people can get things done in a flash with, something that encourages a high turnover rate allowing more people to sit in those chairs. It’s this lightning-fast Wi-Fi connection that will have people remembering your company. They won’t remember all of the points the keynote speaker delivered, but they will remember the company that provided such a great service in the land of slow Wi-Fi!

You can rent a kit that consists of a modem, router, and antenna if you want an all-inclusive package. You can set it up in mere minutes, and there’s no downloading or programming required to get it up and running. A few minutes of setup, and everyone who stops by can take advantage of top-notch 3G secure broadband internet connection.

You can implement your own oasis for those with needy devices! It doesn’t take your IT department at each and every show to get the job done, either. Do it, and watch your contact list grow.

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