Tablets at Tradeshows: Why It Makes Sense

Tablets at Tradeshows: Why It Makes Sense Banner

Tablet usage is exploding all across the world. Using tablets in a trade show setting make a good deal of sense for a number of excellent reasons. Your exhibit design should include a tablet or two – here’s why.

1. People are more familiar with tablets than they are with paper, laptops, or most other devices. Familiarity is a good thing when you’re looking to actively engage visitors.

2. Tablets can make your exhibit design stand out. You can easily integrate tablets into any exhibit design with the help of a professional crew.

3. Keeping your team up-to-date is crucial. A stack of paperwork that includes facts, numbers, and details is a good way to give your team information that pertains to your industry or to selling, but arming those same people with tablets means giving them all the latest updates and information quickly.

4. You don’t need an Internet connection. Sometimes, connections at trade shows can be iffy. A tablet that displays important information and doesn’t require an Internet connection is lifesaving.

5. Tablets provide a very fast way to gather emails and other contact data information. Just let people leave their contact details via tablet, and all that information will be stored right away.

6. Accept on the spot payments. With card readers like Square (and now Amazon), you can take instant payments using any tablet. If you want to sell items on the spot, there’s no better way to do it.

7. Save the trees! Or, just save the money you would spend on printing paper stacks. Instead of printing out brochures and other bits of information on paper, use a tablet. You’ll cut back on costs in the end, and you can even tell people that your company is eco-friendly.

8. Dynamic displays. Tablets let you show off better and more useful information quickly. Flip from one screen to the next, show some grids and infographics, and really start a good conversation with the help of a tablet.

9. Cut back on transportation costs. It costs a lot of money to transport big boxes of paperwork, or to have anything of weight shipped to the show location. A tablet simply gets rid of all that extra cost.

10. Make life easier for your team. It’s so much simpler for anyone on your team to grab a tablet, have all the information they need, and not have to bother looking for specific documents or materials that have been printed on paper.

Your Overall Exhibit Design

There are so many things that you can do with your booth display. Not only can you include tablets, but also you can include things like touchscreens, massive screens that display items, or lights and other elements that really make your booth display stand out. But, overall, you will see a lot of tablets at shows being used in different ways. If you are toying with the idea of a tablet, don’t let the up front cost of a tablet deter you. When you do weigh the total costs of incorporating a tablet into a trade show setup, you’ll see that those up front costs are actually worth it.

You can buy tablets for all of your employees, or simply use one or two that are designated show tablets. Either way, these devices can really be lifesavers when your team is on the spot, has to come up with information, or needs a way to effectively reach out to booth visitors. You can also take a look at various tablet makers to see if you can strike a corporate deal – in the end, tablets are a good idea at any trade show.

Tablets aside, if you want a personalized booth at your next show, call Blazer today, or visit us online through Facebook.

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