Tablets and your trade show and exhibiting needs

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Tablets have become a staple in most businesses and homes, and the explosion of ways to use them is increasing on a daily basis.  Trade shows are no exception.  From surveys to interactive presentations you are certain to find a tablet in just about every exhibit space these days.

With such a need for this dynamic device, finding the perfect way to securely have one in your exhibit space without out it being damaged (or simply stolen) is a challenge, not to mention making sure the functionality and your goals are met for your tablet interactions within your booth space.

Here are a few things to consider and some advice from our experts.


Your Tablet Content

Finding the perfect way to display your tablet in your exhibit space is key to the flow of your booth traffic and the over all feel of the environment you are projecting.  Deciding what you would like to accomplish with your tablet within your booth space is also key!  Identify the content or apps you would like to use and make sure that they are tested and working well before the show.  Isolate the content and make sure no one can adjust your tablet’s settings once in place.

Securing your tablet in your exhibit space

The security of your tablet is paramount.  After all, lead captures and other interactive functions may ride solely on these multifunctional displays.  Choose an enclosure that will lock your tablets in place and prevents tampering of any kind.


Designing around your tablet within your exhibit space.

Creating stand alone tablet based exhibiting experience within your booth space is also a real need.  There are a good deal of options available for you to choose from that will not only keep you device safe and secure, but also compliment them with graphics and other accessories to enhance the display itself.

You can get really creative in very small spaces if needed, just talk to one of Blazer Exhibits trade show booth design representatives and they will provide you will some very exciting options for any space needed!


Power and connectivity

Tablets need power, and it is better to have them running at 100% power is ideal.  Blazer Exhibits can help make sure your booth space has the proper connections you need to keep your tablets up.  Our experienced specialist will ensure you have the proper power and internet connections needed at your show.

Check lists 

Make sure your have a checklist ready for your goals.  Make a list of things you may need.  Extra charging cords, extra keys for the secure mounts, passwords and other log in credentials for each tablet and make sure they are charged and ready to go before they are packed for the show!


Contact your Blazer Exhibits sales representative for more details on the perfect tablet platform for your needs.

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