Tips to Help Launch Your New Product

Tips to Help Launch Your New Product Banner

Are you planning on launching a new product at an upcoming trade-show? That’s an excellent idea, and it’s one that can work very well if you put everything together right. That said, there are a few ways to ensure the success of a trade-show product launch, and some things that you should avoid doing completely. Here are our best tips to help you launch that product with success.

Devise a plan: everything in business requires a plan, and a product launch is one of the things that need the most planning. Working with your trade-show team, figure out how you will launch the product before and during the show.

Set up your website right: the best way to turn someone off of using a new product or service is to make it hard to find information about that service or product. Instead of telling people to go to your existing site and dig around for a link that mentions something about the product, create a whole new landing page with the exact information.

Market: a lot of people think that marketing a new product should happen at a trade-show, but that’s not the case. Start marketing whatever it is that you are about to launch weeks and days prior to the show (maybe even months). You can use social media, your own website, and other networking tactics.

 Educate your employees: the people that will be representing your company during the upcoming show should know everything there is to know about the product or service you’re pitching. Don’t send people that aren’t completely educated to represent your company. This means that you’ll have to take the time to teach a select few people about what you’re going to present.

Demonstrate: how many times have you seen trade-show booth displays that are lovely, products that look promising, and not an ounce of demonstration? You can tell people that your product is the best, but it’s much better to show them. Get someone to demonstrate what you are launching – this is by far the best way to show off that new item!

Attract people: the only way to get people to your trade-show booth is to lure them. How? By giving away things for free, of course! Surveys have shown that food is the most popular item with sweets topping the list. If you give away some gourmet chocolate, for example, people will stop by your booth just to get the good stuff (and that’s when you demonstrate your product). Think big when it comes to free things too – imagine how many people will flock to your booth if you give away giant lollipops.

Your tradeshow booth: the last (and most important) part of a successful tradeshow product launch is your tradeshow booth. Don’t assume that any old booth will do. A custom booth that has interactive elements, includes eye-catching details and logos, and stands out from the rest of the crowd is what you want.

Help With Your Booth

At Blazer, we offer a number of different trade-show booth and trade-show displays. We also offer used and discount booths for you to select from. We highly recommend working with our expert design team to create a display booth that stands out if you’re going to launch a new product. Why put a lot of work into creating that new product or service if you’re not going to put the same amount of effort into a booth that stands out?

Bring your ideas to us, and we’ll turn your thoughts into trade-show displays that look great and stands out. With help from our professional design team (and by paying attention to these tips), your product launch will go off without a hitch. Call us today to arrange an appointment, or to see what we can do for you and your marketing budget.

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