Improve Your Trade Show Exhibit Storage Between Events

Improve Your Trade Show Exhibit Storage Between Events Banner

You have invested the time and money into having your trade show booth designed and built to your specific marketing requirements. Now it’s time to make sure it stays in show ready condition at all times. Let’s go over some trade show exhibit storage techniques that can improve your exhibiting experience when you are between events.

Trade Show Exhibit Storage

Storage of your exhibit after a trade show can be one of the most critical parts of any exhibiting program. The services that are provided by a trade show exhibit storage warehouse will not only ensure your exhibit looks its best on the floor, but it will also guarantee that everything has been accounted for before, during, and after any event. That can save you time, money, and a ton of stress.

One of the most unfortunate situations is discovering you are missing panels, graphics, bolts, and other critical pieces when your exhibit is being assembled at your exhibiting space. Trade show Storage management services will give you the advantage of having any issues resolved before your trade show exhibit leaves the storage facility, eliminating those unwelcome surprises.

Trade Show Exhibit Storage – Location and Security

Trade show exhibit storage in a clean, organized, and temperature-controlled location should be an integral part of any trade show plan. Using a business that has a solid understanding of trade show exhibit storage will have numerous advantages over generic logistic warehouses that many companies use.

Dedicated Trade show storage locations will have organized areas for your crates and any flooring that you may have to access quickly or at a moment’s notice. This gives your team the ability to decide to attend shows at the last minute.

Trade Show Exhibit Storage – Management

Managing your exhibit once your show is over is an important part of keeping your booth in top condition and having a focused team that oversees your trade show exhibit storage can make all the difference. This service will make your exhibiting experience enjoyable and stress-free. Quick access to inventory and the overall health of your booth will be easily accessed so you are aware of the status of any improvements or repairs that your structure may need.

Set-up and Dismantle Services

Pre-show setup and review of your trade show exhibit storage location is a massive bonus. Whether you review via photographs, live stream, or in-person – you can be assured your exhibit will be in top shape and arrive with no unexpected issues. This alone is worth looking into having your booth managed and stored by a professional team that is devoted to your trade show program and storage needs.

Services – Post Show Damage Assessment

Accidents happen and trade shows are no exception. In a perfect world, all of your exhibiting assets would be blemish-free after every show. However, there is always a chance damage can occur on the show floor or while the venue labor moves your crates. Once your exhibit has been set-up after the show or the crates are examined, you should get a report for your records.

Services – Detailed and Itemized Reports

Missing or damaged parts and graphics are unpleasant surprises at any time but, in particular, become truly problematic when you are setting up at your next venue. This can be a massive inconvenience that takes you away from preparing for the event itself. Having the detailed reports come in handy when reviewing your booth before and after the show.

Detailed reports provided by your trade show exhibit storage company, showing every bolt and graphic that you can quickly access and review, will be a huge bonus. This allows you to get any problems addressed before they become an emergency. This allows you to focus on other tasks instead of tracking down and resolving problems on the show floor.

Services – Repair and Refurbish Services

Having a trade show exhibit storage team go over your exhibits report gives you the option to have any damaged items repaired or work parts refurbished. You should be provided multiple options to help resolve those unfortunate dings, dents, and items that may not have functioned to your expectations.

It is a possibility you just want to add some new shelving or change the location of your storage. This is the best time to make your exhibit perform better for your upcoming shows.


After reading this article, we hope the advantages of having a trade show exhibit storage team are undeniable. Knowing where your booth is at any time, and understanding the condition of your exhibit before and after shows is an invaluable asset and one you should strongly consider if you are struggling to handle the storage and services yourself.

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