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Blazer Exhibits & Events proudly joins the exhibiting industries top businesses in promoting the effectiveness of the trade show industry and the endless marketing potential it has for your brands marketing and visibility. Read this informative post and view some related articled linked here to help you make informed decisions when planning your show marketing.

There are many reasons why tradeshows have been effective for companies of all sizes for the past 80 years.  Face-to-face marketing accelerates the sales cycle and still represents the best dollar-for-dollar value versus other competing media/marketing vehicles.

20 Reasons Why Tradeshows Work for the Exhibitor:
Tradeshows provide Exhibitors with the opportunity to meet clients & prospects & decision makers face-to-face to:
1.   Generate leads & drive incremental sales
2.   Solidify relationships with current customers
3.   Establish relationships with prospects, key target markets & the media
4.   Shorten the sales cycle
5.   Introduce & promote new products to a new or existing market
6.   Enhance brand & product visibility
7.   Educate & demonstrate new uses for existing products
8.   Obtain feedback on new & existing products
9.   Learn the latest industry trends
10. Gain competitors insight
11. Conduct competitor & market research
12. Network with key industry contacts and key opinion leaders
13. Learn more about the industry they support
14. Have a presence in the industry
15. Gain exposure in new markets
16. Find personnel to grow your company
17. Build sales force moral & foster comaraderie
18. Demonstrate your commitment to a marketplace and your clients
19. Identify new business opportunities
20. Reinfoce & test marketing strategies

10 Reasons Why Tradeshows Work for the Attendee:
Tradeshows provide Attendees with the opportunity to:
1.   Purchase products at discounted prices
2.   Conduct research to ensure you make the best purchase decision
3.   Establish relationships with key vendors
4.   Learn latest industry trends & technologies
5.   Gain insight into what others in your industry are purchasing & why
6.   Learn from industry key opinion leaders
7.   Discover new products
8.   Compare competitive products side by side
9.   Meet the people only known previously via phone/email
10. Have the change to use a product before purchase

When evaluating whether to exhibit at a show or not, consider how your presence – or absence – at important trade shows affects your business.  Trying to save a few dollars today could compromise business tomorrow.

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