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Now that the show is over…

It’s a wrap! The event has concluded and now the process of lead retrieval and sorting begins. However, as an exhibitor, it can be easy to forget some of the most important things that should happen after the show ends and the process of preparing for the next event begins. One of the best tools you can use is the post-show survey!

Let take a look at a couple of programs that can help you create a better show the next time you exhibit, and help you better achieve your overall goals. You may find that your current trade show booth works very well, or it may be lacking in some key areas that potentially cost you, visitors.

Keep your surveys short and to the point

Analytics have clearly shown that the more questions you ask, the fewer participants will engage the request. So a great way to get the all-important “buy in” to the survey is to keep it very simple. I suggest 5 questions or less, and if possible, multiple choice or a simple yes or no answers.

Use multiple contact groups to ask a different set of questions

Keeping things simple does not mean you can not have multiple surveys that are emailed to your opt-in groups. One way to accomplish this is to break your questions into segments and deliver them to different groups. Split the questions as you like, alphabetically or by current client and prospect. The overall goal is to get feedback that can help you build an experience that is beneficial to you the exhibitor and the attendee.

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Questions to ask

“What questions should I ask?” is usually the first thing to contemplate. Goal specific questions are a good start, but if you also want to get feedback on the overall experience inside your exhibiting space. I encourage you to slip a couple of those types of booth specific questions in to help you address your strengths and weaknesses. Some examples:

  • Question: Were you able to move freely throughout out exhibiting space without obstruction?
  • Question: Was information easily obtained or answered through literature or exhibit staff?
  • Question: Did the exhibit display speak clearly to you and convey message inside the exhibiting space?
  • Question: Was someone available to answer any questions you had?
  • Question: Did you find the information you received relevant and useful to your needs and relevant to the show?


Not only are these types of questions great for planning, but you can get a glimpse into how you need to expand or adjust your booth to improve the overall experience in the future.


Surveys are not just for the attendees

Have your exhibiting team fill out a post-show survey as well. Make it anonymous if it helps get honest answers. Introspect and honest evaluation will only help your exhibiting success in the future, but also your overall experience for future attendees

Take notes, listen to your staff, examine your surveys and address the issues. keep pushing for exhibiting perfection by using a simple survey to help your program grow in the right direction!

Online surveys service links

Many survey tools are free, and maybe plenty adequate for your business needs, you may also want to have your web developer put something together on your website to keep things branded to your corporate identity. Here are a few links you can use to build simple surveys:

We are here to help you!

The Blazer Exhibits staff is here to help you evaluate your current exhibiting program, as a matter of fact, it is our business to make you look good on the show floor. Contact us today and let us help you create the best possible trade show experience.

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