How to Create a Virtual Trade show Booth

How to Create a Virtual Trade show Booth Banner

Virtual trade shows have become a prominent part of the trade show world in recent years. These shows provide convenience and the ability to interact and network even when you can’t attend in person. In the virtual world, just like in the real world, your business will need to stand out and provide eye-catching exhibits with high-quality virtual booths. A virtual design upgrade will make this feel a lot like a real trade show, and the attendees will be treating it as a real trade show as well. Make your virtual exhibit stand out and ensure your customers and prospects can take care of their needs while they are there. If you’re considering participating in virtual trade shows, Blazer can help. The following steps will guide you through the process of creating your virtual booth. 

Define Your Objectives

The first place to start is with the basic planning and figuring out what you want or need from your booth. There are many different styles to choose from, and while we can take care of the overall design, we still need to know your goals to get there. What are you hoping to achieve with this virtual booth? What types of shows do you plan to attend? Defining your objectives includes setting some goals, defining what you want to accomplish, and then creating some basic action plans to meet those objectives. 

Choose a Platform

Choose a platform for your virtual booth to help establish your design intention. Choose a platform that will best cater to your target audience and allow you to connect with them. The right fit might be determined by the types of goods and services that you offer, as well as your objectives for virtual trade shows. 

There are several platforms for virtual booths out there, but these are some of the top choices:

  • GTR
  • EventX
  • vFairs
  • 6Connex
  • Hexafair

You may need to check with the virtual trade show host to determine what platforms are compatible. Consider details such as pricing, customer support availability, and even language capabilities as you make your decision. 

Design Your Booth

Now, let’s design your booth. At Blazer Exhibits, we will work with you to create the optimal design to meet your needs. In order for us to build your design, we need to get some basic ideas from you so we can create what you’re looking for. The layout and design of your booth are the most important elements. This should closely resemble what a booth might look like in person. The booth also needs to be interactive and easy for your clients and prospects to navigate. 

These are some details we will consider:

  •  Portraying your brand
  • Floor layout plan
  • Visual appeal
  • The best elements to include
  • Interactive features

Blazer Exhibits can take your ideas and needs and bring them together to create the perfect virtual exhibit

Develop Your Content

While we’re working on your virtual booth design, you can work on the content. In order to make your virtual booth successful, you need to have some engaging and quality content to share during the event. This includes creating some graphics and video content that will really stand out and inform those who visit your booth. Be sure to write engaging copy that is relevant and will keep visitors wanting to learn more. 

Your job is to engage and inform and we can help you incorporate all of this into the virtual booth. 

Promotion and Marketing

Now it’s time to plan your shows, get scheduled, and start promoting your upcoming events. You will likely meet new people at the event, but there will also be prospects and current clients who want to check in with you. Spend time promoting this event to your audience. Use social media and email marketing to let people know you will be there and get them interested in attending. Spend time engaging with attendees throughout the event and stay in touch afterward. 

Follow Up

When the event is over, it doesn’t mean those attendees are never to be seen or heard from again. The event will be a valuable opportunity to network and make connections. You will have engaged new clients and prospects during the event, and now you’ll need to follow up with them. Take the time to do follow-up outreach to all categories of visitors. You don’t want to hassle anyone, but following up lets them know they are valuable to you. Nurture and build relationships so that you can convert prospects into clients and continue to grow your network. 

Let the Experts at Blazer Exhibits Help You Design Your Virtual Booth! 

Blazer Exhibits has been leading the trade show exhibit industry for almost 40 years. Our team provides turnkey solutions for every type of event or trade show you might need, including in-person and virtual booths. Let us help you create the ultimate design to achieve your goals and network with your clients and prospects. Contact us today to start planning and working on your upcoming event booths.

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