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If you are in the virtualization or cloud computing industry, you need to attend VMWorld 2014 in San Francisco. VMWorld hosts this conference yearly, and it’s the biggest VM-specific conference in the world. The conference is home to various events and workshops that are targeted at people trying to get ahead and learn more about cloud computing or virtualization. This year’s event includes various classes and workshops that are essential to anyone seeking to better understand the virtual world.

Available Workshops

VMWorld is more than a simple conference. This event includes things like: classes that include how to install and configure automation; how to deploy and manage automation; various certification examinations onsite; and various other courses and workshops (and exams!) that can get you where you want to go when it comes to automation and cloud deployment. The best way to navigate this conference is to check out the VMWorld website, and use the schedule builder provided (this way, you can create your own schedule for VMWorld).

VMWorld is more about networking and learning than it is about anything else, so keep that in mind when you are setting up your personal schedule. When it comes to networking at an event as big as this one, you’ll need to keep something things in mind (and have some things with you!). Most importantly, though, you’ll need to have a quick elevator pitch ready to go.

Building an Elevator Pitch

The hardest thing about forming any company is explaining to people what you do. You might understand what you do, but others may be entirely confused by your special niche or amazing talents. So, how can you come up with a really quick elevator pitch that encompasses everything you’re good at without sounding like a robot?

Here are some tips:

• Relax. Really! You don’t have to sound like an infomercial expert.

• Be confident in what you do. If you aren’t standing behind your service, who is?

• Talk to yourself. Tell an imaginary audience what you do – if you can’t put it into words, you may need some help.

• Realize that some people may not get it. If you have a really unique market, others won’t understand what you do – and that’s okay! As long as your audience gets it, you’re good.

• Ask others for help. Take your time explaining what you do to other people, and see if someone else can provide you with a concise way of pitching your services.

• Use a conference like VMWorld as practice – do people at this conference understand what you’re trying to say or do?

• Put it on a business card. Business cards only provide a small amount of space. Try to write what you do on a card, and you’ll quickly cut that pitch down!

• Ask a writer for help. Copywriters are great at defining things. Hire a writer to really narrow down what you do.

The most important tip listed above is to simply relax. You may be nervous about explaining what you do, but guess what? Nerves make you human! There will be some people that have the smoothest pitches around, and others that are just like you. Listen, watch, learn, and be confident in your abilities.

Working With Blazer for Exhibit Design

We’re here when you need us via this blog (ask us a question or leave a comment!), or by calling us today with any needs that you have for a professional and unique display booths. Our goal at Blazer is to provide all of our clients with specialized exhibit design that can be used at any conference large or small. If you’re presenting at VMWorld or any other show, call us! We will be more than happy to provide you with display booths that stand out. Call us today for exhibit design rates.

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