Ways to Interact With Your Audience

Ways to Interact With Your Audience Banner

What’s the scariest thing that comes to mind when you think about the upcoming show you are planning on attending? If you are like most people, it’s interacting with the people that visit your booth. You may talk to people daily on the phone or via email, but talking with random strangers that want instant information from you is a whole different ballgame.

Setting up your tradeshow displays will be just half of the overall conference battle. The other half is talking to the hundreds of people that will be attracted by your awesome tradeshow displays – so, here are some tips that we’ve put together for talking to strangers.

  1. Make eye contact. It’s really frustrating and irritating when someone is trying to tell you something, but you’re looking elsewhere or trying to multitask. Looking people directly in the eye shows them that you are listening – and most people today do not listen. Instruct your salespeople to make eye contact, put down devices, and pay attention to every visitor that is attracted by your tradeshow displays.
  2. Make sure that enough people are at your booth all time time. A good rule of thumb is three to four people per booth at all times. At some point during a conference, someone is going to have to take a break, and others should be left behind to handle any people that come to the booth. So, don’t skimp on staff, even if it’s expensive to fly everyone to the show at once.
  3. Ask people questions, but don’t interview everyone. It’s nice to be asked a few questions once in a while, and asking simple things can be a really nice ice breaker. Try to comment on something that someone is wearing, or another item that’s an easy enough conversation starter. Eventually, that person will start ask you things about your booth.
  4. Have an interactive element. Why? Because this generates conversation. If you let people play with an aspect of your booth or do something else that’s interactive, you will give them the chance to ask you things, and this starts conversation.
  5. Be human. We have all been on so many conference calls where people feel the need to be overly formal or just really odd. Talk like yourself, not someone else, and be normal – say things you’d normally say, and just be you. Either people will like you or they won’t, and that’s okay!
  6. Try not to use too many industry terms. Judge the words that you choose based upon the person you’re talking to. If you are talkign to someone that’s new to the industry, you may not need to use too many technical terms. If you’re talking to someone that uses those terms, use them back.
  7. Use the old psychology mirroring trick. People are more comfortable when they feel like you are just like they are. By subtly mirroring their movements (slightly) or responding with the same words that they use, the person you’re conversing with will feel at ease.

Your Tradeshow Booths

What will draw people to your corner of the center you attend? Your tradeshow booths. So, make sure that your tradeshow booths are attractive, include interactive elements, and are designed by a professional company like Blazer. Contact us for pricing and for details, or find us on Facebook for more information.

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