What Can Modular Design Do For You?

What Can Modular Design Do For You? Banner

If you’ve been following recent design trends, you may have heard the term ‘modular design’. You may have wondered to yourself what this really means. Well, today we’re going to discuss what modular design can do for you and what it looks like in terms of tradeshow booths.

Today, modular design is integrated into many display booths at trade shows, because it allows for more flexibility, more portability and just generally more options when exhibiting. So, what does it mean to have a trade show booth that is modular? Well, the term modular refers to something that is designed to be made up of smaller components which are frequently connected together to form the larger unit.

This means that your modular display booths will typically be more portable and more adaptable. Do you want that display to be on the right side or the left? Have a tight space to exhibit in? Why not just cut down the size of your tradeshow booths by taking a few pieces out. Before, modular design created the possibility of a truly portable booth, this would have required considerable modification and time spent. Today, with a fully modular design, it can be just a few minutes.

That’s the real power of modular design and what it can do for you. It can make your display booths infinitely more adaptable to the situation and the demands of a particular event or constraint that you are facing. In other words, it can allow you to be more flexible and more easily handle situations that you may not have been able to plan for previously.

Modular design has also enabled trade show exhibit fabricators and designers to be able to provide a truly portable booth, as good modular design greatly facilitates easier set up and breakdown, which means you spend less time and stress getting ready for your next big show. That’s something that a lot of people really can appreciate.

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