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Custom Trade Show Booth Design To Increase Traffic


Trade show attendance is back on the rise so there has never been a better time to get out there and display your brand.  In doing so, businesses should be highly focused on the design of their exhibit. The trade show displays that stand out are more likely to capture the attention of attendees. Here are just a few of the latest design trends of 2017 that will give your booth the flair that it needs.


Unique Structures: Many booths are designed with structures that feature elaborate curves or modern straight edges. They also have free flowing signs overhead that reach from floor to ceiling.

Elaborate Lighting Effects: The use of LED lights is everywhere. They are used in backlit light boxes and even rotating boxes to capture the attention of attendees. There are also color-changing lights and mood lighting that is used to create a more welcoming space.

Rustic Wood: The use of and natural barn woods both real and laminate are being used to create a rustic look from walls to flooring.

Bright Color Palettes: Neon is hot right now. Many booths are boasting bright neon colors that look edgy and innovative.

Technology: This is the age of technology and it shows in these exhibits. Technology and multimedia are being used in various forms including touch-screen monitors, interactive displays, high-definition monitors, and even 3-D and virtual reality.

Words as Art: Many businesses are using words, letters, and phrases as artwork for their exhibit. There are even live artists that draw keywords about a brand throughout the show.

Demonstration Areas: Consumers want to get in on the action. They want to experience a product or service first-hand. This can be done through hands-on demonstrations and interactive experiences. Design your booth with extra space that can be used as your demonstration area.


Leverage Your Custom Exhibit Displays with Latest Design


These current design trends can mean the difference between a mediocre booth and a fabulous booth.  Don’t let your exhibit get lost in the mix.  Take time to carefully plan and design an exhibit that has fun, unique, and colorful features that will catch the eye of consumers.  These trade show booth design techniques can give your exhibit a look that will capture more of an audience and boost greater sales.


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